Client Aftercare

Darling Tattoo Aftercare

Keep your bandage on 4-24 hours (DO NOT re-bandage)

Supplies– A mild and unscented moisturizer and soap

Moisturizer such as:

Curel, Aquafor, Lubriderm, Eucerin or

Darling Tattoo Aftercare (natural)

Soap out of a pump or bottle such as:

Dial, Soft Soap, Ivory or diluted Dr. Bronner’s (natural)  NO BAR SOAP!

DO NOT USE: Antibiotic ointments, Vitamin A&D Ointment or Petroleum Jelly


Wash and moisturize 1-3 times daily:

Anytime you touch your tattoo wash your hands first. With warm soapy water massage washes the tattoo using your fingertips, rinse it, let it air dry or dab dry with a paper towel or clean, dry washcloth (used cloth towels can harbor bacteria and cause infection) Once the tattoo is dry, rub in a small amount of moisturizer over the tattoo. It’s normal for your tattoo to scab and/or flake a few days post procedure.  If your tattoo feels chapped in between washings use moisturizer as needed. DO NOT over moisturize.

Healing time 2-6 weeks

Keep showers at a max of 10-15 minutes 

Do not soak or submerge your tattoo

Absolutely NO: Baths, hot tubs, pools, rivers, lakes, ocean, sauna, tanning or direct sun exposure. Do not shave or wax the area until healed.

Keep it clean. Wear clean and loose clothing to allow your tattoo to breathe (cotton breathes well) and hands off. 

Don’t let others touch your tattoo during the healing process.

If your tattoo itches, using clean hands slap it. Scratching can cause infection

After your tattoo is healed protect it from sun exposure. Use SPF 50 at least.

Feel free to contact Xavier with any questions or concerns.

Thank you and merry healing!